Welcome to the Armed Forces Optometric Society! 

We hope to give you more information about career options, scholarship opportunities, networking contacts, and give you up opportunities to meet optometrists and students that share your experiences.

Why be an AFOS student member?

AFOS student membership is only $15.00  It costs little to join and you reap all the following benefits as an AFOS student member:

  • Complimentary and/or discounted registrations at the AFOS meetings
  • Current information about career opportunities and contact information in all branches of Federal Optometry
  • Eligibility to apply for the COL Bdzula Student Award
  • Eligibility to apply for travel grant opportunities to attend the AFOS annual meeting
  • Leadership opportunities-- get involved on the local or national level as an AOSA liaison to AFOS
  • Quarterly newsletter and access to the online forum
  • Opportunity to network with your superiors, future colleagues, and current uniformed OD's
  • Voice in our profession- AFOS represents You!
  • Not to mention- that it looks great on your CV/Resume