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2022 AFOS Award Winners

AFOS Awards 2022

The Armed Forces Optometric Society (AFOS) is committed to recognizing excellence within the field and within our organization. AFOS will honor their 2022 award winners on October 25, 2022 in San Diego.


Drumroll, please, for the 2022 AFOS Award recipients.... 


AFOS Overall Junior Optometrist of the Year

AFOS Overall Senior Optometrist of the Year 

AFOS Orion Award Winner

Dr. Matthew Tholl (Maj)

Dr. Emily Sprague (CDR)

Dr. William "Howard" McAlister

Dr. Matthew Tholl Cdr Sprague Bio Pic


Dr. W. Howard McAlister

Service Specific Junior Optometrist of the Year

Air Force
Dr. Matthew Tholl (Maj)

Dr. Jason Christman (MAJ)

Dr. Brent Hume (LT)

Dr. Matthew Tholl


Dr. Jason Christman

Dr. Brent Hume

Indian Health Service
Dr. Randy Cox

Veterans Affairs
Dr. Sean Dempsey



Dr. Randy Cox


Dr. Sean Dempsey


Reserve Optometrist of the Year


Air Force Reserve
Dr. Christopher Luft (Maj)


Dr. Christopher Luft


Student of the Year




Service Specific Optometrists of the Year

Air Force
Dr. Christopher Putnam (Lt Col)

Dr. Ann Rudick (LTC)

Dr. Emily Sprague (CDR)

Dr. Christopher Putnam

Dr. Ann Rudick

Cdr Sprague Bio Pic

Dr. Christopher Cordes (CDR)



Dr. Chris Cordes



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