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Tips from current HPSP recipients
  • Don't forget to get a Military ID, many businesses have discounts and perks, and its good to have your ID number available. Here is a link (RAPIDS site locator) to find an ID center near you!
  • USAA has great benefits now that you are commisioned! 
  • Register for TriCARE to recieve insurance benefits while on 45-day active duty
  • Talk to your recruiter about getting your uniform before officer training, it will give you a chance to break in your boots, and avoid the last minute panic.

Student Reports

Student Liaison Ting Zhang from New England College of Optometry has a great blog, with her recruitment and HPSP story! Check it out!

Great article by past nation liaison and Navy HPSP student Matt Weinheimer:

Currently Practicing AFOS OD reports:

Bryan Ahlborn, Army OD:

One normal day consists of seeing patients starting at 0800, one patient every thirty minutes, maybe one or two walk in's a day, plenty of time for lunch and plenty of time to finish charts before 5:00. Fairly normal exams, REE, a few CL exams, one or two glaucoma PTs not much disease but that depends on where you are stationed. I am on call for the ER 1 wk a month. Some of this depends on where you are and what the hospital or clinic has set up for you. No PT(physical training) in the am just a PT test every 6 months.  Some things to expect as you approach graduation. They should contact you a few months before and give you a list of assignments for you to rank. You probably will not get what you want but many do. Then you will go to BOLC/OBC. It lasts about 2 months. Learn what you can from the people who have been in the Army before. You should prepare some for the PT test, it is the only thing you may need to work on before hand. You can look up the standards online its push ups, sit ups and a run. When you graduate from BOLC you will go to your duty station. The army will move you (while you are at BOLC your family will not be with you). When you arrive at your duty station you will have to in process 1-2 weeks, but you also get 10 days of Permissive TDY to look for housing. 

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