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AFOS is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1970. Its objectives are to advance, improve, and enhance the eye care provided to designated federal services' health care beneficiaries by optometrists in federal service; to provide a forum for these optometrists; to improve the art and science of the practice of optometry and to elevate the standards of the practice. In 1986 the constitution was amended to allow membership for optometrists working for the Veterans Administration or Federal Civil Service.


Colonel Floyd M. Morris, USAF, BSC
Colonel Billy C. Greene, MSC, USA
Captain Donald E. Still, MSC, USN

Captain Aldo Bartolomei, MSC, USN
H. E. "Tony" Mahlman, DOS


Types of Membership

  • Active: must be serving as an optometry officer on active duty in one of the uniformed services or be a full time employee of the VA or Federal Civil Service as an optometrist. All new members must also be AOA members through AFOS.
  • Associate: must be a retired optometrist from one of the uniformed services, present or past member in the active or inactive Reserves, present or past member in the National Guard, have previously served in one of the uniformed services, or be a part-time optometrist of either the Department of Veteran Affairs or Federal Civil Service. Associate members are ineligible for AOA membership through AFOS.
  • Adjunct: Those optometrists who served in a non-optometric capacity for the uniformed services, were part-time employees of either the Department of Veteran Affairs, Federal Civil Service, or any entity of the Federal Government are eligible to be adjunct members of AFOS. Adjunct Members cannot vote, hold office, or participate in AFOS business meetings, and shall have no right, title or interest in any of the property of the Society.
  • Alumni: Those optometrists who have completed an optometric externship, residency or fellowship at any federal facility are eligible to be an Alumnus member of AFOS. This category recognizes those optometrists who obtained a significant part of their clinical training through a Federal Service program. An Alumnus Member cannot vote, hold office, or participate in AFOS business meetings, and shall have no right, title or interest in any of the property of the Society.
  • Student: must be attending a full time course of study at one of the accredited schools or colleges of optometry.
  • Resident: Currently enrolled in a residency or fellowship program within VA or federal services
  • Life: Life membership will be conferred upon any member who:
    1) has attained at least 65 years of age
    2) is receiving retired pay from the Federal Government as an optometrist
    3) has been an active, partial practice, or Associate member of the Society for thirty (30) accumulative years and
    4) receives a majority vote of the Executive Council of the Society. 
    The years of membership do not have to be continuous years.  Members who provide medical certification of terminal or other serious debilitative illness may have the age and years of membership requirements waived.  Life Members shall have the right to vote and are extended the privilege of debate but cannot hold office and shall have no right, title or interest in any property of the Society.  Life members meeting the AFOS Active membership qualifications in Section 2.a., may continue their membership in the AOA through AFOS.  Life members through AFOS no longer working in an optometrically related activity may be eligible for “Retired Membership” through the AOA, subject to the AOA Bylaws for “Retired Membership.”  Certain AFOS Life Members may qualify for “Life Membership” in the AOA; these applications will be considered by the Executive Director and the Secretary/Treasurer on a case-by-case basis and are subject to the AOA Bylaws for “Life Membership.
  • Partial Practice: must be an optometrist working 2 or fewer days per week in compensated and related activities; must be in a federal facility; and is responsible for notifying the AFOS Executive Director immediately if their status changes. AFOS & AOA dues are 60% of an Active Member’s dues. 



  • Quarterly Newsletter reporting on all issues of concern to Federal Service ODs as well as literature abstracts
  • Two Continuing Education programs a year certified by the Council on Optometric Practitioner Education
  • Representation from AFOS with the AOA on departmental and legislative actions affecting optometry
  • Reduced room rates at the host AFOS hotel
  • Service specific sessions with the Service Chiefs at each of our 2 conferences a year
  • Least expensive dues of any AOA Affiliate
  • Continuous flow of information to each member from the AOA




Active, Less than 2 yrs Federal Service

$ 59

1st full yr after grad

$ 92.60

Active, Greater than 2 yrs Federal Service

$ 174

2nd full yr after grad

$ 185.20


$ 99

3rd full yr after grad

$ 463.00


$ 99

4th full yr after grad

$ 694.50


$ 85

5th full yr after grad

$ 926.00

Student  $15 Student   $0.00
Resident  $45 Resident  $35.00
Life membership (one time payment)  $250    
Partial Practice   $104.40 Partial Practice  $ 555.60 
  Optometric Educator* $ 463

*An optometrist working full time as a member of the faculty or administration with one of the colleges or schools of optometry. 


New "Active Members” of AFOS must also become an AOA member. Membership is continuous until the member notifies the Executive Director otherwise. AFOS and AOA dues are assessed annually on the first of January each year.


AOA Membership: A newly licensed optometrist qualifies for a reduced, ascending schedule of dues for the first four years of membership following his/her original licensure. In the case of a member who has completed a residency immediately after the year of graduation, AOA will use the year in which he/she completed the residency as the original license year regardless of the fact that the member may have been originally licensed before that year. Dues are prorated on a monthly basis for the year in which the member joins the association. The month in which the member joins determines the amount of dues for that year.

AFOS Membership: Any optometrist applying for “Active Membership” on or after July 1 will have their dues prorated on a semiannual basis to either $29.50 or $87 whichever is applicable. Associate, student, life, and partial practice members are not prorated.




AOA Dues Schedule for 2017

NOTE: AFOS dues are due in full on 1 Jan. AOA dues may be paid in full, quarterly, or monthly. Quarterly AOA payments for 5th year and thereafter are $231.50 and due on 1 Jan, 1 April, 1 July and 1 Oct. AFOS and AOA payments should be combined into one payment!

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