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Our History

  • February 11th 1970 – Leaders hold formation meeting at AOA office in Washington DC in what will be the genesis of AFOS.
  • July 1st 1970 - 1st AFOS meeting held in Honolulu, Hawaii with thirty-four optometrists attending.
  • 1971 - AOA House of Delegates vote to approve AFOS as an "allied Group" of the AOA.
  • 1974 - AFOS forms an Affiliation Committee to work with the AOA on formal recognition of AFOS.
  • July 1981- AOA House of Delegates votes and grants AFOS affiliate status equal to the state associations.
  • 1973 – AFOS lobbies for and receives legislation to enact Optometry Special Pay.
  • 1980s- AFOS leads the way DPA/TPA certification and licensure laws. First, AFOS and military services work with Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) to train and certify optometrists in diagnostic and therapeutic pharmaceuticals. Soon after, the services adopt credentialing and privileging regulations for doctors completing the program. This program soon becomes the "gold standard" for DPA and TPA certification in nearly every state.
  • Second, AFOS, along with the AOA, successfully fight to remove optometry from under the supervision of ophthalmology and establish a separate service within the military medical departments. Many states soon utilize this new structure to stave off attempts to have optometry be under ophthalmology in state licensing laws.
  • June 1986 - AFOS membership approves adding VA and Civil Service as eligible members of our organization.
  • 1990 - AFOS conducts study on military pay for optometrists and recommends to the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs) optometry officers receive increased special pay similar to physicians. Board Certification Pay for Optometry is then approved and enacted.

AFOS has been working tirelessly for our military troops and their families, our Native American population, and our veterans. Whether it be our Licensure by Endorsement initiative allowing states to recognize other state licensures, or advocating greater eye care benefits in the military’s TRICARE program (the military’s managed care plan), or providing the latest in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) eyecare, rest assured that we will always be advocating Federal Optometry, its scope of practice and our patients!


Past AFOS Presidents


Dr. Fred van Nus


Dr. Donald Still


Dr. Kenneth Deuel


Dr. David Johnson


Dr. Donald Robinson


Dr. James Hartley


Dr. Henry Turner


Dr. Donald Dunton


Dr. John Leddy


Dr. Paul Eklund


Dr. Agnes Palys


Dr. Patrick Phelan


Dr. James Kluckman


Dr. James Kluckman


Dr. Larry Friedman


Dr. Dan Yoshii


Dr. Fred Sparks


Dr. Jerry Davis


Dr. Mike Pattison


Dr. Marv Baum


Dr. Francis Behan


Dr. Luke Solverson


Dr. Bob Buckingham


Dr. Michael Mittelman


Dr. Russ Mattern


Dr. Buzz Bzdula


Dr. Terry Aitken


Dr. Tim Ray


Dr. Chuck Adams


Dr. Lyman Norden


Dr. Richard Hackman


Dr. Terry Bolen


Dr. Steven Stanek


Dr. Steven Stanek


Dr. Julie Miavez


Dr. Fran McVeigh


Dr. Doris Wong


Dr. Lee Cornforth


Dr. Daniel Reiser


Dr. Penny Walter


Dr. Donovan Green


Dr. Keith Cespon


Dr. Michael Sunman


Dr. Alyon Wasik



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