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The mission of the Armed Forces Optometric Society is to advance, enhance, and improve the eye care of designated federal services health care beneficiaries given by optometrists in federal service; to provide a forum for these optometrists; to improve the art and science of the practice of optometry and to elevate the standards of the practice.


Because optometric care in the federal services is practiced in diverse environments and faced with challenging clinical care, communication among our members is our number one priority.  Relevant issues and “state of the art” practice for our profession is facilitated through our meetings, website forum, and quarterly newsletters.  Our directory allows members the opportunity to reach out to other optometrists in the federal services for information and guidance.


Constitution & Bylaws

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Colonel Billy C. Green, MSC, USA
Colonel Floyd M. Morris, USAF, BSC
Captain Aldo Bartolomei, MSC, USN
Captain Donald E. Still, MSC, USN

Captain Ralph L. Vasa, MSC, USN
H. E. "Tony" Mahlman, DOS


Executive Council
This governing body is composed of the officers (President, President-elect, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Immediate Past President) and seven members-at-large elected from the membership.


Executive Office
Communicates with the American Optometric Association, our advocates in Congress, on matters affecting federal service optometrists and the care they provide.


Maintains liaison with the AOA, the colleges of optometry and all other optometric groups.


Publishes the newsletter, web pages, provides services to the members, and maintains the membership records to include dues for the AFOS and AOA.


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